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LDL Health delivers relevant information about health, nutritional science, and prevention of chronic diseases. Through professional medical articles, breaking news from experts and testimony from real people, we intend to share how it happened, what you can do about it, and why it matters. We are committed to delivering an accurate, reliable, up to date nutrition and medical information to audience.

People always underestimate nutritional science and think scientific diet is exactly the same thing, for example, the nutritional diet in the hospital and a diet plan designed by your gym trainer. However, they are just a tip of the iceberg of nutritional science. In fact, we should elevate nutritional science to “nutritional medicine” or “nutritional therapy” in order to use nutrition knowledge to maintain health and treat diseases.

People may already missed out on the healthy and vibrant life by the time they diagnosed with a chronic degenerative disease. Now, a new era has begun; optimize immune system and self-repairing by nutritional medicine to protect your health and even possible to reverse the damages and diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, degenerative bone disease, and diabetes mellitus.

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