What is vanadium?

Vanadium is an ultra-trace mineral that present in human diet and the human body. It has not been proven to be an essential mineral for human, because deficiency of vanadium has not been reported in humans.

Most studies on vanadium are on some animals, Deficiency symptoms in these animals include growth retardation, bone deformities, and infertility.  However, scientists think it may have an effect on blood sugar in people with diabetes. Because Vanadium plays a role in the metabolism of sugar for energy.  It maintains stable blood sugar levels by regulating the workings of enzymes involved in the metabolism of sugar.

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Vanadium health benefits:

The potential role of vanadium in human health is described as a building material of bones and teeth. However, Recent studies on vanadium has focused on its role in the management of diabetes.

Preliminary research suggests that vanadium may help improve the body’s metabolism of glucose (blood sugar) and promote the movement of glucose into cells, so our body can break down glucose and use it for energy efficiently. Vanadyl sulfate, a biologically significant form of vanadium that has a positive effect on glucose tolerance is used commonly in diabetics and bodybuilders because of its ability to mimic insulin. One significant study used vanadyl sulfate in the treatment for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients, the blood glucose levels had decreased by 10% and the effects continued into the next few weeks.

Intake recommendation

Optimal intake of vanadium is unknown. NutriSearch recommends 75μg daily intake, and the safe upper limit is 1.8mg. An average modern diet provides 15–30μg vanadium per day. Good food sources of vanadium include black pepper, dill, parsley, mushrooms and shellfish, although up to 90% of vanadium consumed this way is not absorbed.

Food sources high in silicon: Mushrooms, whole grains, dill, black pepper, parsley, vegetable oils, cereals, corn, soy, seafood, dairy products

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